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Nuzhat Haneef

I had my first (and so far my only) EES session in late February, 2024, at the Love and Light Healing center in Maryland. In this note I am documenting my experience hoping it will be of use to others. I am in my early 70's and in fairly good health but with several relatively minor health issues.

It was a delight to meet Ms. Neelima (the owner/host). She is very friendly and accommodating. She graciously took time to answer my questions.

Prior to the session I had asked if I could bring my own comforter and heating pad since I know I have very low cold tolerance and had found out that they keep the temperature at 65 degrees. Ms. Neelima replied to say that I could and that I could also bring other items if I liked (such as supplements), to get them charged by the EES. I wanted to buy bath salt from her and she gave it to me before the session so I could take it in with me to get it charged.

The EES room is very nicely furnished with comfortable (lazy boy style) reclinable sofas and a small blanket/throw provided on the sofa back. The room is kept quite dark. There is very soft music in the room. The restroom is conveniently close and very neat and clean.

My left knee has had a sinovitus issue for quite a while, including trauma from an injury. The knee has healed over time but still is not normal; I feel a strain most of the time, some areas are still tender etc. After I came out of the EES session, I felt my left knee was noticeably better and for a couple of days or so, it kept feeling better. Later on, the improvement seems to have decreased but I think overall it is still better than prior to the session.

I also have arthritis in various joints. Also, some trigger fingers developing. I have not noticed any significant improvement in either of these although perhaps some underlying improvement might have occurred.

I have also had a low grade fever for more than a year. (Medical tests don't show anything abnormal or alarming.) I suspect it is due to a wifi router that was placed in my living room when I switched my provider from Verizon to Xfinity. (The fever started almost exactly at that time.) I have installed Aulterra EMF harmonizing products in my house and on the router but that has not helped. I had hoped the EES session will help but I have not felt an improvement.

I am wondering if my electric heating pad interfered with the EES. I will ask Ms. Neelima.

I did take a salt bath after the session but did not find that particularly relaxing. However, I understand it is useful for detoxification.

The next day after the session, a friend saw me and said my face looked refreshed. I had myself also felt that when I saw the mirror after coming back home from the session.

Overall, the session is certainly worth a try. I will probably do more sessions.

Nuzhat Haneef   March 5, 2024


I'm grateful that Neelima and Kamal opened themselves up to serving as an avenue of healing through their EESystem Center. The next closest center is in PA at least 2 hours away. I'm happy that I can perform most activities of daily living independently now. I had not driven in more than 5 years and could not call the police when I witnessed someone U******** in my city's downtown. Furthermore, my crippling anxiety was an 11 on a scale on 1 to 10 during my first session. I started driving again, could initiate outgoing communications when I wanted to and my anxiety reduced to a 2. I needed to come three consecutive days the first time. The anxiety returned 22 hours after the start of my session until the third day after which it lasted several weeks. The second month, I realized that it was extremely effective for pain from hormone imbalance. I highly recommend this healing space that Neelima and Kamal have created.

JZ B.   Oct 14, 2023

Veronica Hale

After 11 years of mid back / shoulder pain and spasms, the EES reduced my pain about 80% after my 1st session.I was doing quite well for a month and I had about 6 to 8 sessions before my mother passed away. When she passed my pain returned after I went 2 solid weeks cleaning her home and planning her funeral, reception and a crab feast for my family. Normally I couldn’t do all this without being bedridden with a spasm on a heating pad for a few days but EES helped me. Although the pain returned it was easier to get back on track by getting back to the EES and a good therapeutic massage. I am back on my feet faster than pre EES. Also this is a clean, beautiful and comfortable healing center with the loveliest kindest souls who own it. Health is wealth and this is worth the time and money to liven up those cells!

Veronica Hale  August 25, 2023

Reni Kali 

Went to Love & Light Healing in Silver Spring, MD.  1st time so really didn't know what to expect.  I was greeted by the gracious owner of the house, the area was super clean with easy access to rest room, super comfy chairs and just the right amount of light.  The temperature was pleasantly cool.  

I recommend coming to a session tired, otherwise it gets a bit, well, boring for those of us who aren't used to long meditation sessions and drink a lot of coffee.Though I enjoyed my session, I didn't feel much benefit until the following day.  

All of a sudden I noticed I was sitting straighter, getting up faster and straighter with significantly reduced pain in lower back and hips (though still not the flexibility I'd like) (was told I need hip replacement on both hips)... No thanks, I prefer Scalar wave EESystems self-healing!  I feel a difference on my face too, though I can't really explain.  Overall I feel more alert, happier and as though my circulation improved.  

I will certainly be back for more Love & Light Healing!

I encourage everyone to try this and observe the changes in you. 

Reni Kali  August 3, 2023

Janice Montague 

I've completed several EE sessions at Love and Light Healing over the last few months and I can honestly say that, although each session has been unique, they have cumulatively resulted in a significant change in the frequency and intensity of my chronic pain.  

Chronic pain is an indicator that something is out of balance. My understanding is that the EE System exposes the body to a unique kind of energy that is capable of, in simple terms, reminding us of what a perfectly balanced  body, mind and spirit looks and feels like.  It energizes and balances on all levels.  The body systems respond to that "remembering" and act accordingly.  

Since my first session, I've been gently "led" to change my thoughts and actions relating to my pain. I've come to know and understand that there's very little that I can control, except for my thoughts. But thoughts are where all the magic happens!  This powerful realization came to me literally on my drive home from my first EE session.  I'd known this on an intellectual level, but this was a different kind of knowing.  The enabling yet humbling effect of it stayed with me and sunk into my core over several days.  I'm a better, stronger person for this knowing. Talk about a quantum shift!

I'm so grateful to Love and Light Healing for bringing the EE System to my area.  I will continue to use this powerful tool to enhance my life.  Neelima, you're an angel and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the welcoming and healing atmosphere you've created at the Center.  Blessings upon you!! 

Janice Montague. July 29, 2023

Werner Pfleger 

I am soo grateful to Neelima and Kamal to make this experience possible.The 24 unit EES delivers a complete vibrational alignment on all levels. The system provides photon therapy, color therapy, scalar waves, electromagnetic alignments, light codes all at once.....In the session I experienced a complete immersion in the vibrational waves of silence, beyond thoughts. I am a long time meditator and appreciate the richness of silence.  The mind naturally settled down and I am just relaxing into the space of Being. It is like aligning your individual vibration with the cosmic reality of existence, like a wave settling in the ocean. As a result the physiology is reset to a state of balance and health, the emotional state is balanced and connected to source, and the mind becomes energized from source. After the session I felt physically  invigorated, wide awake and balanced. EES is a technology that recognizes that the body is just a vibrational state of consciousness and can be healed through aligning the body with universal consciousness. My advise, "just relax and allow whatever wants to happen to happen, innocent and free of expectation" let the universe surprise you !!!                      

Werner Pfleger, W.P.  Washington DC,  June 24, 2023

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